Greater Mount Horeb Missionary Baptist Church 

Greater Mount Horeb Missionary Baptist Church

Greater Mount Horeb Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor's Aide - The Pastor's Aide Ministry serves the needs of the Pastor. Monthly meetings are held. The group hosts activities for the pastor and First lady during special days and occasions.  The Pastor's Aide ministry is committed to providing necessary support to the Pastor and his family within the church with encouraging words, prayers, and other actions of love. 

Prayer and Prison Ministry - The vision of the Prayer Ministry is to lift up a congregation of believers who actively engage in all manner of prayers with the demonstration of God’s anointing in healing, deliverance, and direction—resulting in a greater intimacy in worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Its mission is to witness the compassion and Lordship of Jesus Christ as it is manifested through fervent, effectual prayer. 

Men’s Ministry  - The Men's Ministry of GMH provides avenues for men to further their spiritual development through workshops, fellowship, service, recreation, inspiration, and supportive networking.  Each man is developed through covenant relationships of accountability, affirmation, and acceptance. The developmental process produces men that are healthier emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  The Ministry invites and seeks fellowship with men near and far who are establishing and/or strengthening their walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Sunday School - Wonderful things happen in Sunday School!  Sunday School touches the lives of everyone - from the very young to the very old.  It is a place where people are transformed into growing leaders for the church’s mission, increasing people’s sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship.  It provides a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples.  Sunday School is for Life!

Mission and Outreach Ministry  - Helps to meet the needs of people by providing food bags, emergency assistance and clothing needs.  The mission is committed to providing a warm welcome to visitors and fellowship setting for members and visitors.

Women's Sunday and Outreach Ministry – The Women's Ministry encourages spiritual growth, personal development and leadership among women and is devoted to helping women grow to their full potential in order to impact the world around them.  Women, who know that they are created in the image of God, recognize their value and use the opportunities available to develop and exercise their gifts in order to build a better home, church, community and world.

Youth Ministry - The youth ministry provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to grow healthy in their spirit, soul and body as they become victorious, productive Christians. The ministry is a caring, cutting-edge, Christian community with assistance from parents and volunteers.  We walk in the newness of life helping to serve, love and provide the youth with the necessary tools required to submit their lives to Jesus Christ.

MIME  - Lift up the name of Jesus through dance and praise!  Christian dance performances are held during worship and other services.  Rehearsal schedule varies. Interested individuals are welcome.

Music Ministry - Let everything that hath breath, Praise ye the Lord!  Music is a mean by which a worshipper may experience the very presence of God. There is a song whose lyrics transport us to His throne. Music celebrates His Majesty. In this celebration, our music ministry serves as a vehicle to create and develop connections for the praise and worship of our Lord. Interested individuals are welcome!  There is a SONG for everyone!

Usher Department - Our dynamic host of ushers handles congregation comfort and offerings in Sunday worship; meet and greets visitors into our church home and welcomes and collect information on the visitors and friends for the Pastor's use.  They coordinate and/or assist with special occasions (i.e., Pastor's Appreciation) and other church-related events.  All persons are greeted with a smile and a warm embrace.  All persons are greeted with good and helpful words of encouragement and a cheerful look with a joyful heart.

Family Care & Concern/Sick Ministry - The Family ministry calls members who miss two or more Sundays in a row to see whether we could assist them.  Provides for the needs of the sick and elderly.  Visits members and friends of the church in area hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, and in their homes.  Keeps in touch with members by phone or visit to find out about their well-being.  Expresses concern, love and care to families of the church’s deceased members by hosting after-funeral fellowships. 

Hospitality/Decoration Ministry - Decorates and coordinates and/or assists with special occasions (i.e., Pastor's Appreciation) and other church-related events.  Greets all persons with a smile and a warm embrace.  Greets all persons with good and helpful words of encouragement.  

Fellowship and Food Service Ministry-Ensures that all events, where food is served is provided an opportunity to grow in fellowship. The Food Committee oversees the use of the kitchen and coordinates the church functions that involve the kitchen. The committee works with the other groups in connection with the meals that are served.